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Content development is the key component of properly communicating your message

Content Development. Written word content.

Content is king. For customers. For search engines. For clearly communicating your vision. When you hire a professional freelance writer with experience in multiple disciplines, you are making a wise investment. There is no end to the people on-line trying to sell their skills as writers. Few can claim to have over a quarter century of experience working directly in print, broadcast and social media, writing and developing marketing and advertising materials, developing promotional video scripts, award-winning radio commercials and more.

DeROCCO INTEGRATED MEDIA utilizes the power of words to generate results. The objective is to always create exceptional work, including compelling freelance articles, superior web content, award-winning marketing campaigns, concise corporate communication materials, provocative advertising copy, compelling SEO digital and Social Media content, exciting promotions, engaging sponsorship proposals and, when necessary, insightful social commentary. I am a wordsmith — words are the tools of my trade.

You have an idea you want communicated, a story you want written, a business you want marketed, a vision you want articulated, a brand you want launched — DeROCCO INTEGRATED MEDIA can bring them all to life with professional, engaging, compelling written content. The available services don’t stop there. The success of DeRocco Integrated Media includes the development, planning and execution of multiple large-scale event marketing initiatives, from black-tie galas to outdoor music festivals for 75,000 people.

Just say the word, and we’ll be at your service.  When you need content, ideas and creativity, hire a professional freelance writer. Call DeRocco Integrated Media.




Dewey Bunnell: Captain AMERICA

Dewey Bunnell: Captain AMERICA

By David DeRocco  As a country America may have a bit of an international image problem right now. But as the band who hit #1 with “Sister Golden Hair,” AMERICA is still infinitely more popular internationally than the country’s golden-haired tin-man of a POTUS will...

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